Holistic Addiction Recovery Calgary

Holistic Substance Abuse Recovery Calgary



Community Connections Support Programs

Centre for Wholeness & Wellness hosts both online and in facility meetings and events free of charge for those recovering from addiction and mental health related issues and their families or supporters. These gatherings are for people looking to cultivate and follow individualized and holistic pathways to wellness supported by community and connection.


When you book an online service you will receive a Zoom link to the event, gathering or workshop. A (free) Zoom account is also required to authenticate all users attending the gatherings. It only takes a few minutes to set up.


Intentional Day Recovery Program

Post Treatment Integration Program

This program is those who have successfully completed a residential treatment program and their families or primary supporters who desire comprehensive integration into their relationships, family, work and community. Amazing shifts can occur in families that reach out for help and receive support that actually works. We help everyone involved in the recovery journey to heal and achieve transformations they never thought could happen. 

Programming includes:

  • 8 weeks of 2-3 lessons a week competed individually

  • 2 individual sessions (counseling/yoga) per week  for a total of 16 one on one sessions

  • unlimited group sessions and activities

  • group programs for families or primary supporter

Cost:  $4500 paid upfront for the program, complete workbook, individual sessions and unlimited group sessions for the client and family or primary supporter.

Psychedelic Medicine Integration

Please note: Psychedelic medicine integration is not about encouraging the consumption of psychedelic medicines; it is about harm reduction and post consumption management. Centre For Wholeness and Well Being does not provide substances. CFWW does not condone nor advocate for the use of illicit substances. 


However, due to the psychedelic medicine renaissance we consider psychedelic medicine integration to be an essential service. CFWW integration services are for those who are considering, or who have already had a service and wish to access professional support.

CFWW will compassionately support you to integrate your experiences safely and effectively.

  • Initial consultation to determine the resources best suited to your needs

  • 40 - 44 Individualized online or in person coaching and counseling work with certified practitioners

  • Ongoing recovery support meetings and workshops for both the client and family or primary supporters

  • Virtual and in facility individual breath work and  meditation sessions

  • Book for distance Reiki and/or Energy Work

  • Naturopath support referral as desired

  • Virtual nutrition support as desired

  • Virtual and in facility group yoga and breath work classes

  • Front of line referral for medical CBD as needed for anxiety, pain management or other symptoms

  • Assistance in maintaining support with existing healthcare worker or therapist